Patri Grief
Release date: December 17, 2019
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Produced: Vamacara Studio

Madness and Heroes

To the most epic warrior;

Welcome to the fantasy land of Norwald.

Thank you so much for coming. We hope your stay here will be epic and delightful.
If you have come to find a musical adventure, and a whole world to explore with magic, tales and legends, you are in the right place, so please go ahead and enjoy your experience while your ears fight side by side with us.

And... if you want to know more about the band or any of its stories... we invite you to drop all of your questions in an email, Facebook, Instagram... please shoot us an arrow with all of your inquiries.

If you have liked the album and would like to help us in our journey towards our most pure fantasies, please consider purchasing a digital or physical copy of the album, merchandising, or simply donating.
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Sincere regards,
Patri Grief.