Fetharlos, rak of light Index Invocation and Characteristics  Fetharlos was a rak of light that lived during the Third Era. It was invoked by Isdraelle on Hairjehan, second mansal, Thidas, 248, Third Era, and the rak and its rider became well known after freeing the island of Airlevan from Verthion and Nekaroth, the undefeated sovereigns …

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Khelmet, the Dagger Wielder

Khelmet, the Dagger Wielder Index Family Biography Repercussion Khelmet, as known as Khel-Met in the kreg-hak territories where he lived most of his life, was a rak-slayer hero, whose fame expanded to all of the Norwald. He was born on Therehan, second mansal of Ladak 6097, son of Morka IV and Salthak I, and he …

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Thekar, the Dagger of the Gods

Thekar, the Dagger of the Gods Index Powers Weapons created from Thekar History  When the Aithars finished shaping the Norwald from the outside, they decided that they needed to see their world from the inside so they could do the finishing touches. Not sure of their skills once in a less powerful form, they forged …

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Thostar, the Mad King

Thostar, the Mad King Index Family Biography Repercussion Thostar I, also known as Thostar the Mad, was king of Kajtar during the Fourth Era of the Tharai, from Adohan, fourth mansal of Vair 6411 to his death on Hairhan, third mansal, Minardi 6469. He was the son of Morka IV and Salthak I, born on …

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Rak Index The Myth Invocation Categorization A rak is an invoked magical beast, with reptile features, wings, and a skull for a superior part of the face. It was originally created by the Ostromthar, as a gift to the Aithars for creating them. There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to the invocations and …

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Norwald is a planet that harbors life. 82% of its surface is made up of oceans and seas, finding large amounts of water in its three different forms, from bodies of water such as huge oceans, to iced regions towards the poles of the planet.