Fetharlos, rak of light


 Fetharlos was a rak of light that lived during the Third Era. It was invoked by Isdraelle on Hairjehan, second mansal, Thidas, 248, Third Era, and the rak and its rider became well known after freeing the island of Airlevan from Verthion and Nekaroth, the undefeated sovereigns who were creating a perpetual night all over the island. After their victory, “Fetharlos” was then converted into a word that tharais used all over Norwald to encourage others.

Invocation and Characteristics

Fetharlos was invoked by Isdraelle when she was a teenager, with only 193 aners. She used the skull of a krast-din that she got from an old loredain nicknamed “One-Eyed”, a small part of her essence, also taken and placed in a chest by the same tharai, and a spell of light, a tiny spark. Those were the ingredients for her invocation.

The rak had four legs, two wings, and was completely white with some blue touches. It had feathers for  a mane. The mane of its tail had the form of a feather. At first, it was really small; accurately sized for the kid. It had the power of light, and could illuminate in darkness if it opened its mouth.

Once it was a grown rak, it could illuminate about five medisiek during about ten soblor. It could also spit light bursts which could hurt its target critically if the objective was at about two pirneras of distance of the rak’s mouth. Fetharlos could fly very fast and it was also very skilled when it came to twirls and dodges.

At first, as it was invoked with not that much essence, the rak was distracted and not very obedient. However, growing up with Isdraelle and being trained since its invocation made it be more caring than almost any other rak. It loved Isdraelle as if they were family rather than owner-beast.

After a little training, Fetharlos was a caring, obedient and clever rak, interested in eating and treats more than most of the raks. Being born from a kid, it kept lots of Isdraelle’s personality traits that she had as a child.


  • Invoker: Isdraelle
  • Invocation: Hairjehan, second mansal, Thidas, 248, Third Era. 
  • Death: Therehan, third mansal, Reni, 1058.
  • Power: Light.
  • Skull used for the invocation: skull of a krast-din.
  • Spell used for the invocation: spark of light.
  • Amount of essence used: 1/10.
  • Obedience: full.
  • Original obedience: not much.
  • Size when it was invoked: very small.