The Madness & Heroes Tour

The Madness & Heroes Tour

Publishing their first album on December 19th, Norwald starts its musical journey. “Madness & Heroes” was reviewed by international media and allowed the band to go on a national tour. The pandemic had other plans for them, though, and the tour had to be postponed three times.

Currently, Norwald has played in 6 of the most relevant Spanish cities, having yet to perform way more to conclude the “Madness & Heroes Tour”. Sadly, the pandemic still strikes from time to time, and some of the gigs have to be postponed to a day in which it’s safer to perform. But, anyway, the band’s plans are to keep working on stage, as long as it is safe and allowed to do so.

So far, Norwald has performed with relevant bands such as Celtibeerian and Dünedain, allowing them to bring their music to a vast audience in various stages of Spain. They also received many excellent reviews on their show from many different media, having being praised by Metal Hammer Spain for their gig in Madrid last December 4th.

Keep an eye open for the new booking dates of the tour!