Norwald is endorsed by El Taller de Yzcoa

Norwald is endorsed by El Taller de Yzcoa!

A bit before Summer 2021, the incredible artisan Yzcoa (from Mexico) texted us to collaborate with us, offering these incredible custom guitar straps with Norwald images and designs. The straps are of an impossible-to-improve quality, with a perfect end result, and, being handcrafted, they’re a unique article with its very own personality. He also sent us an article per bandmate, creating a great touch on stage.

We’re also planning on working together more, and more often, so apart from being endorsed, we’ll be glad to show you his incredible custom work, the Norwald way. So keep your eyes open for some incredible Norwald merchandising!

If you’re planning to get a completely custom leather work, either be instrument straps, backpacks, wallets or whichever item is set in your imagination, send a message to Yzcoa!