Concert 7 December 2019 in Murcia

Concert 7 December 2019 in Murcia

Dünedain, Dagorlath, Norwald and Astral Experience

«Memento mori» is the fifth LP by DÜNEDAIN, nine songs composed by Tony, recorded and mixed by Dan Díez (TIERRA SANTA), with collaborations by Rubén and Álex (DÉBLER), and Tete Novoa (SARATOGA), with cover art by Marcos Rodríguez (MÄGO DE OZ). After launching the album with a signing at the Z! Live festival in Zamora, the presentation tour begins at the Leyendas del Rock festival. This is one of the bands of the new generation of Spanish heavy metal that has fought hardest for a prominent place in the scene. After more than ten years since the release of their first album, the band has not stopped growing, being one of the most loved bands by the public. In Murcia they will share the stage with DAGORLATH from Alicante, NORWALD from Murcia and ASTRAL EXPERIENCE from Valencia. A great metal day.

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